About us

Thinking outside the box

As e-commerce is soaring to new heights, the demand for packaging grew exponentially, and so did our determination to break free from the single-use trap. Choosing circularity over linearity, we created reusable packaging that surpasses traditional cardboard boxes. Our durable products are set to redefine norms, reduce carbon footprint, and lighten the impact on our planet.

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How our journey started our online products?

We made our debut in the large appliances sector where the inefficiency and pollutant packaging solutions encouraged us to create something innovative and sustainable: a packaging that not only elevates product protection but also optimises logistics and decreases environmental footprint.

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Meet the founders

We believe that diverse backgrounds with combined expertise is the perfect recipe for innovation! As four life-long friends, we’re united by the same purpose: creating a business that makes a difference by bringing the most sustainable packaging solution to market. We dreamed big, and to combat the harmful impact of single-use packaging, Movopack was born.


Alberto Cisco

Head of Sales

Andrea Cipollone

Head of Operations

Mattia Aroldi

Head of Product

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