Return XS

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Fold your BOX

following the instructions

Remove the label with your address on it.

Fold Movo following the creases.

Make sure the little flap with the prepaid shipping label is out and well visible.

Drop it in any mailbox in the world for free! Without waiting in line

Looking for a Postbox?

Choose your country and find the nearest one!

Thank you!

Each return makes a difference!

The longer we keep using our packaging. the greener we become . By returning your packaging. you’re helping us get closer to our goal of using it a whopping 20 times!

Movopack for product return?

It's possible!

  1. Contact the store for return instructions.
  2. Make sure the flap with our shipping address is hidden, otherwise it might mess up your return!

Any question?
feel free to reach out to us!