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Sustainable packaging for your e-commerce

Movopack is the first reusable packaging for online shops. Find out why 79% of our customers recommend us to a friend.

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Trusted by 75+ companies


The problem to overcome

Every second, 90 trees are cut down to produce paper packaging, that often become discarded as waste right after the unboxing moment. But we believe in rewriting the story, and that’s where the magic begins!


We said no
to single-use

In a world full of linearity, we dared to dream of something different – a sustainable and reusable packaging solution that breaks barriers and champions circularity.

Let’s see

How it works

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Our impact​

Movo fights for a cleaner Earth and it proved to be the right choice for the environment. 3 uses of Movo cut carbon footprint by half, while 20 reuses make our planet even happier, beating single-use cardboard boxes in a snap. Don’t just take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

Happy customers planet clients

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Why movopack?

Stand out from the crowd

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Movo helps you showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship. As consumers
increasingly prioritise sustainability, being our partner demonstrates that you listen to your
customers' values.

Customer experience

Movo reusable packaging offers a memorable unboxing experience for customers. The 100% customizable design allows you to showcase your brand identity, fostering an increased brand loyalty and a deeper connection with your audience.


20 uses of a single Movo packaging decreases carbon footprint by 75% compared to its single-use alternatives. By adopting our packaging, you contribute to waste reduction and to a cleaner planet.

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FAQ questions

We provide your brand with our packaging that goes hand-in-hand with your products. Your customers will receive Movopack at their doorstep, adding an extra layer of excitement to their unboxing experience. After the unboxing, returning the Movopack is as easy as sending a postcard – your customers can drop it in any mailbox. We handle the rest, sanitising it and sending it back to your brand so it can be reused.

Absolutely! We’re all about creating a fantastic unboxing experience! You have two options: we can collaborate on designing stunning graphics to give your packaging that “wow” factor, or you can work your creative magic and provide us with your own designs. It’s that easy!

Absolutely not! Every Movopack comes with a prepaid shipping label. Your customers can simply drop it in any mailbox in the UK or Europe, and we’ll take care of the rest. We sanitise it, and send it back to you, the e-commerce client.

Our packaging is designed to smoothly handle product returns. We provide you with the necessary sealing for customers to reseal the packaging for returns. The best part? The return process with Movopack is just like any other packaging, but with the added bonus of being reusable, saving you packaging costs!


The word's out

Movopack: this is how we change ecommerce

Tomaso: “Our Movo packaging can be reused by e-commerce sites twenty times”

Movo, the reusable packaging that makes e-commerce more sustainable

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