From Plastic to Pink: DEHA’s Journey to Sustainable Packaging

From Plastic to Pink: DEHA’s Journey to Sustainable Packaging

DEHA, a renowned Italian brand with a long history, partnered with Movopack following a rebranding process to replace single-use packaging and better connect with its audience. The collaboration resulted in overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, underlying the crucial role of packaging in marketing communication and customer satisfaction.

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Who is DEHA?​

Who is DEHA?

DEHA — an Italian lifestyle brand with more than 24 years of history — was born from the encounter between sportswear and fashion. Quality, sustainability, and “Made in Italy” are its core values, creating garments that respect both people and the environment.

What was the challenge?

After many years in the market, DEHA recognized the need to refresh its brand perception. To develop a new marketing strategy, the lifestyle company underwent a rebranding process aimed at women, emphasizing well-being and balance. DEHA sought to increase sales by redesigning its e-commerce platform and embracing innovation. With sustainability as a core value, DEHA faced the challenge of replacing its single-use plastic packaging, which no longer aligned with the values of environmentally conscious consumers.

What is the solution from Movopack?​

What is the solution from Movopack?

DEHA’s determination towards a more sustainable e-commerce was clear from the very beginning. When designing their packaging, Movopack had a goal in mind: creating packaging that expresses the brand’s values resonating with their customers. Consciously using their logo, brand colours and claims around sustainability, the “Pink Pack” was born to serve DEHA as an additional communication channel and as a tool to impress customers with a memorable unboxing experience.

Teamwork in communication

Teamwork in communication

Movopack and DEHA joined hands in additional communication efforts to further educate consumers and promote our collaboration. The creation of social media content, dedicated project landing pages, and newsletter campaigns strengthened DEHA’s positioning while fostering our partnership. 

And the results?​

And the results?

DEHA received clear feedback from its customers: they are in love with the new reusable packaging solution, awarding it an average satisfaction score of 9/10. This success confirmed that DEHA chose the right path by leaving behind single-use packaging and leveraging reusable packaging as a marketing tool to solidify its commitment to sustainability, boosting both sales and customer satisfaction.

“From the start, DEHA and Movopack have seen customers love the partnership that enables a future where every e-commerce order sparks joy for recipients and benefits the planet.”

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